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2017 Wilson A2000 1787SS

This ‘description’ serves as the definitive guide to the Wilson A2000 1787SS (2017), including a discussion on the pattern, the synthetic material on the back of the glove, and other pertinent information needed before buying the glove.

Wilson A2000 1787SS (2017)

Discussion on the 1787 Pattern

The 11.75” Wilson A2000 1787SS (2017) is a glove that we believe will work for either third basemen or shortstops due to the makeup of the 1787 pattern.

With the aforementioned 11.75” length and an I-web, the 1787 has a longer feel in addition to a medium-to-deep pocket that allows you to pick it at the hot corner or captain the infield at short (like Carlos Correa and Dansby Swanson).


When it comes down to the best colorways, anything that has any bit of white usually is not usually near the top of my list. However, I believe the white on the Wilson A2000 1787SS (2017) actually makes this colorway special.

This 1787SS has a unique white base – with this color on the back, wrist, welting, and binding – with some black on the palm, web, and lacing and the black Super Skin on the back and thumb of the glove.

While you may be concerned over the white’s long-term look (and you rightly should be), Wilson’s white leather holds up surprisingly well against the toughest field dirt.

The Synthetic Material on the Back of the Glove: Super Skin

As we mentioned earlier, the Wilson A2000 1787SS (2017) has a special synthetic material on the back of it: Super Skin. But, what is it and what are the benefits?

Put simply, Super Skin is a polymer, based off basketball leather (no joke), that is engineered to play both lighter and stronger than leather. And the truth is, this synthetic actually makes the 1787SS noticeably lighter than its all-leather 1787 counterpart does.

While you may be adverse to synthetics, I would highly suggest that you at least consider Super Skin to get that extra split second of time to get a stab that ground ball or snag that line drive.

The Rest of the Materials on the Glove

With a durable Steerhide leather and firm inserts and padding that keep the glove’s shape, the Wilson A2000 1787SS (2017) is one of the highest quality gloves on the market for $249.99.

Along with those materials that give the glove long-term quality, there are two other materials that make the Wilson A2000 1787SS (2017) comfortable as well: the liner and finger backs. While there are a few lining materials that may be softer, it is hard to beat both the overall quality of the liner from both a softness and durability perspective.

Wilson A2000 1787SS (2017)


For all that the Wilson A2000 1787SS (2017) offers, we believe that this glove is an excellent option for third basemen or shortstop looking for a lighter-feeling glove with a somewhat deeper pocket.

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