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2017 Wilson A2000 1617 | Review & Specs

Wilson A2000 1617

After compiling information on the Wilson A2000 1617 and conversing with 1617 users, we write this review on the Wilson A2000 1617.

First, a little insight into the pattern. After many years of smaller patterns with single post web and closed backs, Wilson designed a new pattern. The 1617 pattern is supposed to make Wilson’s 1B gloves sell well again, as their first base models have been lacking relevancy of late.

The Wilson A2000 1617 is 12.5″ with a horizantal bar web, making this glove the biggest 1B offering from Wilson with a web Wilson has not used yet.

Based on the squeezes of the 1617’s I have seen, the closest comparison would be a Rawlings DCT. The one hinge close, slightly curved fingers, and stiff heel bear resemblences to the DCT close.

Wilson A2000 1617

The other half of what makes the Wilson A2000 so great is the quality of the materials.

The leather is what Wilson calls “Pro Stock Leather,” a renowned U.S. Steerhide that is durable and smooth. Durability also comes from the stiff yet formable padding and inserts that keep the glove’s shape over time.

A special feature of the Wilson A2000 1617 is Super Skin, a polymer specially engineered to be lighter and stronger than leather. It also makes the 1617 a bit easier to break-in.

Wilson A2000 1617

The Wilson A2000 1617 has a gray, black, and white colorway. As far as my sources have stated, the gray is not getting dirty. The white binding, as usual, gets dirty easily. And, again, as usual, the Super Skin can not get dirty.

Considering all the information presented, I would consider the Wilson A2000 1617 a perfect glove for someone who is not sure which glove to get. It combines a size that is right in the middle of 1B sizes, durable materials, and a colorway that pleases all.

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