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2016 Wilson Glove Line- A2K Edition- Cheap Wilson A2K Galore

The 2017 Wilson Glove line is out- meaning the A2K models from the 2016 Wilson Glove Line are discounted, in some cases close to $150.

The 2016 Wilson Glove Line had a dark brown and black theme, with every model looking sweet. The colorway was received fairly well, with only the smallest amount of criticism for dullness. The resounding opinion was that although the colorway wasn’t anybody’s favorite, it still was a colorway people would buy.

Like said earlier, every model from the 2016 Wilson Glove Line has a degree of discounting. Some models are pushing a $150 discount, some only have about $50 taken off. Either way, you get a discounted A2K.

The quality on the 2016 Wilson Glove Line A2K models was very good and up to par with any other A2K line. The leather was top notch, the liner was super soft, and the glove was constructed very well. Many people even said some of the A2K models were the best A2K’s they have ever felt.

There were twelve A2K models from the 2016 Wilson Glove Line, in sizes ranging from 11.25″ to 12.75″ for fielding models, and a 12″ 1b mitt and a 32.5″ catching mitt. Let’s take a deeper look into the models.


Every since its first appearance in the Wilson glove line of 2010, the DP15 has been loved. It’s 11.5″ length and shallow pocket was and is still a favorite among middle infielders. And most of all, players love the tighter fit of the DP15 pattern. Check out the looks:

2016 Wilson A2K DP15

The DP15 is easily my favorite looking glove of the 2016 Wilson Glove Line. The dark brown leather with the Super Skin and red looks amazing in person. This model hits a homerun in looks. Get the DP15 for $250 here.


It is hard to describe exactly what the DATDUDE pattern from Wilson is. We can say it was made by Brandon Phillips and has the claw back, but besides that, it is tough to really describe it. It doesn’t feel like a 1786 (although it is 11.5″), but has a shallower pocket and a form where the thumb and pinky aren’t quite even. You’ll have to try one to know what I’m talking about.

2016 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

Now’s a great time to try out this fine piece of leather (and Snake Skin) because it is on sale for $250, a low price for a great-looking glove and a great feeling glove. Get it here.


The 1799 is Wilson’s most popular outfield pattern. At 12.75″, it is about perfect for the outfield. The deep pocket, H-web, and thumb-to-pinky close secure the ball. Take a look:

2016 wilson a2k 1799

The black, walnut, and yellow colorway looks great, and the deal is great as well, as you can get the 2016 Wilson A2K 1799 for $230. You can get it here.


The David Wright model is perfect for a third basemen at 12″. While the pocket of the DW5 pattern is very deep, it is not all that wide, allowing you to snag hot shots at the hot corner. Check out how the 2016 Wilson A2K DW5 looks:

2016 Wilson A2K DW5

The 2016 Wilson A2K DW5 is super clean in blonde and brown. You’ll want to see this glove in person — it is that nice. The 2016 Wilson A2K DW5 is $100 off- priced at $250. You can get it here.


At 12″, the Wilson A2K B2 is a great pitcher’s glove. The overall pattern is very nice, breaking in with a nice, medium-deep pocket. You’ll notice also how nice this glove looks:

2016 Wilson A2K B212

The all-dark brown colorway is amazing in person and in pictures. The color just doesn’t fade at all, and keeps the dark brown color that it has new. The B2 is one sale for over $100 off, and you can get it here.


The 1786 pattern is one of the best infield patterns in my opinion. At a true 11.5″, the 1786 has a shallow-medium pocket and medium width. You will be able to get the ball in and out of your glove quickly while also making diving plays on almost impossible plays. Check out how it looks as well:

2016 Wilson A2K 1786

The dark brown and black colorway matches the 1799. Although it is not the nicest colorway, it looks good enough to take to the field everyday. The 1786 is only discounted $50, a great deal for the 1786 pattern, and you can get it for $200 here.


The D33 is a newer pattern for Wilson, and measures in at a true 11.75″. Expect a wider pattern that closes naturally thumb-to-ring finger and a grip-concealing modified trapeze loop web.

2016 Wilson A2K D33

The all-black colorway is simple but sweet. The D33 is the cheapest A2K model available at $220, and you can get it here.


At 11.25″, the 2016 Wilson A2K 1788 is great for a middle infielder who likes a smaller glove. A cool feature of the 1788 is the Super Skin in-between the fingers that helps with weight but stills has leather where a lot of people want it. Check it out:

wilson a2k 1788

The 1788 looks sweet. The little bit of blonde makes the glove look even better. You can get the 1788 for $200 here.


The KP92 is the model of the late Kirby Puckett, measuring at 12.5″ with a modified trapeze web. The pattern is amazing, and the modified trapeze web makes a sung pocket that I love. It looks pretty good too. Check it out:

2016 Wilson A2K KP92

There is not a huge discount on this KP92 model, but there is a small price drop, which you and view and purchase the KP92 for here.


The 1787 is Wilson’s premier shortstop/3b glove, measuring at 11.75″. A 1787 feels great on your hand, and the pocket snatches the ball and keeps the ball in the pocket. Check out how good it looks as well:

2016 Wilson A2K 1787

The 1787 has a sizable discount: about $100. For that price, you get a great glove for a great price. If you are a shortstop or third basemen, this deal should excite you. Get it here.


The 32.5″ PUDGE model is great for a catcher- it is smaller, yes, but it is easy to control and still has a nice pocket to receive pitches. It’s the same colorway as the 1799 and 1786 as well. Check it out:

Wilson A2K PUDGE

You can get the PUDGE for $60 off, a sizeable discount on a great mitt. Get it here.


The sole Wilson A2K 1b mitt measures at 12″, and although it is smaller for a 1b mitt, it plays a bit big. The pocket is also huge for its size, making sure you catch the ball in the pocket and only in th pocket and making scoops look easy. Check it out:

2016 wilson a2k 2800

The 2800 enjoys a huge discount as well- like a $130 discount. If you are looking for one of the best 1b mitts on the market in quality, you can get the A2K 2800 here.

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  1. Michael mcgowan December 13, 2016

    “The quality on the 2016 Wilson Glove Line A2K models was very good and up to par with any other A2K line.”

    In this article you say “but the older ones may have an advantage in material quality.”

    Gotta choose one, right?

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