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Wilson A2K PUDGE

Ever since the 2017 Wilson glove line was released, the 2016 Wilson models have been on sale, often for a high discount. This includes the brown, black, and yellow Wilson A2K PUDGE, the sole catcher’s mitt in the 2016 Wilson Glove Line:

Wilson A2K PUDGE

The PUDGE pattern gets its name from Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, one of the greatest catchers of all time and recent Hall of Fame inductee. Ever since “Pudge” created the PUDGE pattern, it has enjoyed its slot as the smallest Wilson catcher’s mitts at 32.5″. Therefore, it has a fairly large audience – younger players and catchers who like the shallower pocket. Also, it’s a pattern that can be formed with either a box form or left wide.

Wilson A2K PUDGE

Just as we gave the title of “best catcher’s glove” to the 2017 Wilson A2K M1, we also give it to its predecessor – the Wilson A2K PUDGE. Not only do the high quality materials contribute to this title, but the extra piece of leather in the palm makes the pocket, and the glove, just that much more durable and firm. And, because it has a solid discount of $50, it will be an awesome glove for any catcher behind the dish.

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