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2016 Wilson A2K DP15 On Clearance

2016 Wilson A2K DP15

The 2016 Wilson A2K DP15 is on clearance, and so we compiled information on the DP15, asked some owners, and tried out the DP15 to see why it is worth the money.

The 2016 Wilson A2K DP15 is a middle infield glove only (and maybe some third base). At 11.5″, it is a perfect size for either short or second base. With an I-web, the pocket is nice and shallow for quick transfers.

But, the DP15 is going to be a middle infielder’s glove for someone with smaller hands or a player who likes tighter fits. The DP15 comes with what Wilson calls “Pedroia Fit,” a hand stall fit designed for Dustin Pedroia that is tighter around the wrist and fingers. For younger players especially, this fit is gold.

Some other things that should be noted about the DP15 pattern is the thinner padded heel and palm. Dustin Pedroia likes it, so Wilson delivered on it and put it on his game model glove.

From my experience with the DP15, I love it. The Pedroia Fit is perfect for my smaller hands, and it just feels amazing. While you can tell the palm and heel are thinner, your hand will not be bruised a lot after catch. In fact, Wilson’s padding on their A2K is very high-quality and absorbs a lot of shock. Other agree with me, but some do not like the thinner heel.

2016 Wilson A2K DP15

From our experience with the 2016 Wilson A2K DP15 and other A2K models, we have found the materials to be worth the $360 price tag, let alone the $240 price tag of the DP15 right now.

The “Pro Stock Select” leather that is used on this glove is super nice: thick, smooth, and durable. Once broken-in, the leather is soft, smooth, and the ball just dies when it hits the leather, just like you want. The lace is good, and gets the job done. And, the inserts are stiff at first, but are formable and keep their shape over time.

The 2016 Wilson A2K DP15 comes fairly stiff, leaving you enough time to put the form that you want on the glove. Thanks to Wilson 3X shaping process (meaning that Wilson pounds the glove 3X more in the factory), you can squeeze the 2016 Wilson A2K DP15 out of the box. And thanks to the high-quality materials, once broken-in, the glove holds its shape.

2016 Wilson A2K DP15

Back to leather, but the colors of the leather. The look of a glove plays a big factor into whether you would buy a glove, and the 2016 Wilson A2K DP15 looks amazing. The leather colors are black and brown with red and gray lacing.

New, the 2016 Wilson A2K DP15 is stunning. Used, it is close to stunning. The walnut palm gets a palm stain fairly easily, but I believe it looks good. Like most gray lace, the color gets dirty easily, so some have swapped out the lace for a cleaner black.

On the back of the glove, you can see a material that looks a little different from leather. That is a polymer called Super Skin that is lighter and stronger than leather. From our experience with Super Skin on the DP15 and other Wilson models, we confirm the claim that Super Skin is stronger than leather.

For a glove of this caliber, with these looks, this pattern, and this price, there is arguably not a better deal on the market at this time.

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