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On Sale – 2016 Wilson A2K DATDUDE (5 Things You Must Know About It)

Rising glove prices does not mean you can’t score a great deal on a great glove, as is the case with the 42%-off 2016 Wilson A2K DATDUDE that has everything you want for shortstop or second base:

  • An awesome middle infield pattern: The DATDUDE pattern measures at 11.5” and has a super shallow pocket for quick transfers. Plus, it has a sick (and unique) clawed back design.
  • A sweet colorway: The black, blonde, and red base colors alone gel together nicely, but the addition of back “Snake Skin” on the finger backs raises the level of cool to another level.
  • Built with high quality materials: Overall, A2K materials are simply top-notch – the leather quality is outstanding, the craftsmanship exceptional – and are built to last many seasons.
  • Steep discount: $360 is a lot of a baseball glove, but the 2016 Wilson A2K DATDUDE is discounted 42% – a mind-boggling discount for a glove of this caliber.

The Bottom Line: Deals like this are extremely rare, especially for a mitt that feels great in person and simply has it all: a great pattern for the middle infield, a stylish colorway, and a slew of high quality materials.

Based on overall value, few gloves can currently rival the 2016 Wilson A2K DATDUDE. Therefore, if you are a shortstop or second basemen looking for a new glove, this glove should top your list of potential buys.

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