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HUGE Discount on the 2016 Wilson A2K 1786

Looking for a new infield glove for the upcoming season?

Great news – the 2016 Wilson A2K 1786 is now available, and for a huge discount.

With the enticing price of only $200 (considering that A2K’s retail for $360), the 2016 Wilson A2K 1786 is the best infield glove as of now to buy.

2016 Wilson A2K 1786

In our data-driven lists of the best gloves at second base and shortstop, a 1786 model ranks #1 on both lists.

Once you look at the specifications, you will understand why this pattern ranks so well on those lists.

At 11.5″, the 1786 pattern has enough length for ground balls without forming too deep of a pocket. Going up .25″ will make too deep of a pocket, while going down .25″ is not going to give you enough length. 11.5″ is right in the middle, and is perfect for the middle infield.

The I-web on the 1786 ensures a firm and shallow pocket, just what you want in the middle infield. Turning two is easy with the pocket of an I-web glove like the 1786.

You are looking at the best pattern for the middle infield, both from my experience and the data we found.

2016 Wilson A2K 1786

The black and walnut design of the 2016 Wilson A2K 1786 is simple. The yellow lacing adds some a slight amount of pop.

There is a plus to this classic design – the glove will not show dirt. If you are a stickler for clean gloves (like me), you will love this look, as it looks good and will look good after some use.

2016 Wilson A2K 1786

When you are looking for a middle infield glove, you want something that is durable.

Wilson A2K quality is phenomenal – the leather is flawless, the construction is impeccable, and the inserts and padding hold their shape over the long haul.

When looking for the highest quality glove, the A2K gives any other line a run for their money. For this particular price of $200, nothing compares to the 2016 Wilson A2K 1786 in durability.

2016 Wilson A2K 1786

For the price of $200, no middle infield glove compares to the 2016 Wilson A2K 1786 at this moment.

Buy the 2016 Wilson A2K 1786 here.

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