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2016 Wilson A2000 YP66 On Sale For $170

I have not featured enough cheap outfield gloves, but I did find a great deal today on the 2016 Wilson A2000 YP66. You can get this fire glove for about $170. To prove how nice it looks, we have a photo for you:
2016 Wilson A2000 YP66
The gray and blue colorway is very Dodgers-themed and looks very sweet. Surprisingly, the gray does not fade bad and looks pretty good after use. I just absolutely love this colorway.
2016 Wilson A2000 YP66
The YP66 is a 12.75″ pattern with a Y-Web. It plays a little big, however, closer to a 13″ than a 12.75″. The pocket is also super deep, but not all that wide. More on the Y-Web. First, here is what it looks like:
2016 Wilson A2000 YP66
The Y-Web is going to play almost like an H-Web, but slightly deeper. Not to mention how unique it is compared to an H-Web. The Y-Web also makes the fingers play a little flatter than usual due to the pattern of the web.
2016 Wilson A2000 YP66
Overall, this glove is going to be great for an outfielder. The “extra” length will help snag balls in the outfield, the colorway will draw attention, and the materials won’t disappoint game after game. You can pick up this glove at a super low price below.

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