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2016 Wilson A2000 RC22- On Sale and For a Huge Discount

The Wilson A2000 RC22 is one of the most popular gloves already, but the sizable discount that has recently been slapped on it will make it even more popular. The black and mariner green Robinson Cano game model not only gets its chops from its good looks, but from two other features we’re going to discuss. The fire design is the most important, though:

2016 Wilson A2000 RC22

First, let’s discuss the RC22 pattern, which, simply put, the RC22 is a complete copy of the 1786 pattern, the 11.5″ pattern with an I-web that is the most popular infield pattern on the market. Solely based on that logic and our use of multiple 1786’s, we recommend the RC22 for either middle infield spot (short or second), as the 11.5″ length gives you enough reach and the I-web ensures a firm yet shallow pocket for quick transfers. Playing as silky smooth as Robbie isn’t guaranteed, but the RC22 makes it a whole lot easier.

2016 Wilson A2000 RC22

The second thing we want to bring up is that black odd-looking material on the back of the Wilson A2000 RC22 in both of the pictures. Called “Super Skin,” this material is claimed, by Wilson, to be 2X lighter and 2X stronger than leather. We can back up both claims, as the SS-backed gloves we’ve used feel just a tad lighter and seem to hold their shape a little better over time. Doing some simple reasoning, less weight means a faster reaction time, and more strength means more durability. When paired with the durability of the A2000 Steerhide leather, you get the perfect combination for a top notch middle infield.

2016 Wilson A2000 RC22

Combine that sick look with the 11.5″ pattern, Super Skin, and the high-quality A2000 materials and you get a glove that is perfect for a shortstop or second basemen in every single aspect. Plus, it has a sizable $50 discount, meaning one of the top middle infield gloves is now an even better value. What is there to hold you back from buying this over any other infield glove?

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